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Our Strategy & Approach

Our Strategy

Our efforts are concentrated on crucial sectors we believe are pivotal to

advancing sustainable infrastructure development. 


Our focus:

Energy Efficiency: Innovations include advanced lighting technologies, intelligent devices, building enhancements, and improvements in industrial heating and cooling systems. 


Waste and Recycling: This sector covers technologies and processes for converting waste into valuable resources or energy, advanced recycling techniques, resource retrieval, and the elimination of hydrocarbon waste. 

Potable Water and Waste Water Infrastructure: Innovations in water and waste water technology, upgrading existing systems and regional water facilities.


Digital Infrastructure: We fund to data storage facilities, assets for transmission and distribution, electricity and communication networks. 


Social Infrastructure: Our investments support transportation services, communal facilities, public safety, climate change resilience, emergency preparedness and response, and healthcare facilities. 


Renewable Fuels: Focus areas include renewable gas (RNG, hydrogen), liquids, solid fuels, and eco-friendly chemicals. 


Sustainable Power: We target distributed energy resources, fuel cell technology, energy storage solutions, carbon capture, and hydrogen energy solutions. 


Transportation, Mobility, and Storage: Investments include electric vehicle charging systems, battery technology, refueling infrastructure, fleet management, vehicle efficiency, and the manufacturing sector. 


Food Systems and Agriculture: Our interests lie in innovative agricultural technologies like hydroponic, aeroponic, and containerized farming, vertical agriculture, greenhouses, and biofuel crops. 

 Our Mission

We embrace an integrated approach to infrastructure funding that:​

Prioritizes PEOPLE by ensuring projects we support improve the quality of lives within communities for the long term. ​Protects the PLANET by targeting projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, incorporate low impact development options, and source responsibly. ​Gain in PROSPERITY by accelerating the implementation of community embraced and sustainably designed projects by the most dynamic proponents. Providing our investors with reliable and consistent returns on their investment.


Our Investor

Horizon West Infrastructure Fund Inc. is dedicated to propelling Western Canadian infrastructure projects forward through strategic investment opportunities that cater to our investors, ensuring sustainable growth for communities and future generations alike.

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